Friday Listen - CRIMINAL WORDS

Sure, you've got your Friday Read, but how 'bout a Friday Listen?

criminalwords4Enter Erik Arneson and Scott Detrow with CRIMINAL WORDS, an audiobook full of crime fiction short stories — written by the likes of Joe Clifford, Jen Conley, David Cranmer (writing as Edward A. Grainger), Chris Holm, Erik Arneson, Tom Pitts, Steve Weddle, and me [woo!].

Download away [for free!] HERE. You've earned it.

Title 18: Word Crimes Podcast - "Vacation Package"


Stoked to have my short story, "Vacation Package," originally published by Out of the Gutter Online's Flash Fiction Offensive, featured in the latest episode of Title 18: Word Crimes Podcast.

A big thank you to Erik Arneson for taking the story, and to Scott Detrow for a fantastic reading.

Check out the podcast HERE, or subscribe on iTunes (as I do) or Stitcher. They've already got some great episodes with more on the way.