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280 Steps is kicking off March with a Goodreads Giveaway for BURN CARDS

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Mirna Fowler believes she has been cheated in life, growing up in a broken home alone with a drunken and gambling-addicted father. Now she works at a small hair salon in Reno, doing her best to survive while she saves money for school. Hoping to get a degree that will take her places.

But in the wake of her father's death, Mirna inherits his extravagant debt, an amount of money she can never repay. As her fractured world begins to crumble, the search for the truth sets her on a path where life hangs on her every move.

Advance Praise for BURN CARDS:

“With a character you care about and a momentum you can't avoid, BURN CARDS is aces. This fast-moving novella pulses with enough energy to power all the casinos in Nevada.” - Steve Weddle, author of Country Hardball

"the shit-kicking streets of a dead end desert town have never been meaner." — Joe Clifford, author of Lamentation

"This bare-knuckle noir pulses with energy and punches hard." — William Boyle, author of Gravesend

"Irvin illuminates the city of Reno itself, casting the flickering glow of his sharp observations into every dark corner of the city and bringing forth a rogue’s gallery of gamblers, dreamers, and burnouts who are all heading for the same bitter end." — John Mantooth, author of The Year of the Storm

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Friday Reads - NATCH & March Madness

Happy Friday, readers! Next week marks my hopeful return to the blogosphere. Between the holidays and juggling several WIP, I've really let the blog fall to the wayside. I plan to fix that with a bunch of updates, reviews, etc. Onward!


First up, check out John Mantooth's Patreon page for his new novella, NATCH, which you can snag for a mere $3. I think it's some of John's best work, and if you enjoyed his short story, "A Sojourner's Guide to the Black Warrior River Bottoms (And Beyond)," in The Big Click, you will love NATCH. (and if you haven't checked out The Big Click yet, I urge you to do so. Some excellent short fiction in there.)

Here's the first line of NATCH to tempt you...

Before he was Natch, before he met Buzz and let her cut his hair, before he walked the Moon Bridge like a tightrope and was baptized under a shower of stars, he was Joe, just plain ole Joe, lost to the wilds of Northern Alabama, the windowless downtown Birmingham crack houses, the train yards north of there where he’d sit and make plans for Memphis, the outlying areas—wastelands, he thought of them—where he met others like himself, mirror images of lost boys gone crooked on meth amphetamines and the hard, cold loneliness of the road.

...you know you want to keep reading.

Next up, Broken River Books Year Two: March Madness

BRB's first Kickstarter was a huge success that got the small press off at a sprint. J. David Osborne aims to release TWELVE books on the same day this go around.

37517135457b61a1dc483ba6699914c2_largeI've been chomping at the bit for William Boyle's short story collection, DEATH DON'T HAVE NO MERCY, and with eleven more to choose from, I'll be buried in books. Check 'em out and prep the wallet.

Keep reading & see you Monday.