Friday Reads: The 280 Steps Sampler

Catch a sneak peek of SAFE INSIDE THE VIOLENCE in the 280 Steps Sampler, as well new works from Ed Brock, Jonathan Ashley, Eric Beetner, Joe Ricker, and more.



Fall 2015

Safe Inside the Violence by Christopher Irvin Out of Mercy by Jonathan Ashley Thieves' Market by A.I. Bezzerides Long Haul by A.I. Bezzerides You Can Kill Anyone by Leonard Fritz Dirty Water by Marc E. Fitch To The Core by Josh K. Stevens Pale in Death by Ed Brock

New Releases

Delving Deeper by Josh K. Stevens Walkin' After Midnight by Joe Ricker HASHTAG by Eryk Pruitt Rumrunners by Eric Beetner Scratch the Surface by Josh K. Stevens Burn Cards by Christopher Irvin

Selected Backlist

The Cost of Doing Business by Jonathan Ashley Stumped by Rob Kitchin The Red Right Hand by Joel Townsley Rogers Music for the Dead by Luis Gutiérrez Maluenda A Night for Screaming by Harry Whittington The Shooting Gallery by Hugh C. Rae One-Eyed Jacks by Brad Smith The Carrier by Preston Lang Portrait in Smoke by Bill S. Ballinger Tough Luck L.A. by Murray Sinclair

Federales Goodreads giveaway

federales.v2To celebrate the week leading up to the release of Federales, One Eye Press is giving away three signed copies on Goodreads. Who doesn't like a free book? Enter early and often!

Bonus Round - Noir Bar himself, Jedidiah Ayres, was kind enough to include Federales alongside some terrific looking books in his latest Small Press Update. Check it out for more on exciting work coming from Anthony Neil Smith, Nik Korpon, Eric Beetner, Ryan Sayles, and more. And check out Ayres' novella, Fierce Bitches, while you're at it.

a book a week 1.5

A little pre-Bouchercon 2013 review action this month:


The End of Everything by Megan Abbott

Megan Abbott is one of my favorite authors. I found her novel, QUEENPIN, to be inspiring for my own writing, and the competitive world of cheerleading in DARE ME to be fascinating. My favorite aspect of Abbott's writing is the first person POV of her characters - the unnamed protagonist in QUEENPIN, Addy in DARE ME - but Lizzie in THE END OF EVERYTHING might just be my favorite. Her intense emotions - twisting of words, actions and memories to fit her reality, balancing between teenage naivety and the darker realization of the nature of the relationships around her. Lizzie/Evie/Dusty's desire for attention/father figures (and more), siblings' struggle for identity and escape, maturing in a complicated world - there are so many layers to this brilliant book. I can't say enough good things.


The Rapist by Les Edgerton

With a title like, THE RAPIST, you expect potential for a little controversy. The challenge of writing in first person from such a despicable POV as Truman Pinter is fraught with peril. I've put down several other stories by authors who attempted similar undertakings. But not only does Edgerton succeed in creating a compelling, unlikeable character, his style and voice are incredible. A haunting read from the present, past and future mind of a rapist. A literary undertaking that is not to be missed.


Piggyback by Tom Pitts

While it's a bummer that Tom Pitts won't be making it to Bouchercon this year (or will he??), I was happy to pick up a signed copy of PIGGYBACK as it had been on my to-read list since it came out last year. PIGGYBACK is the tale of a loser who turns to the wrong guy for help. From the onset, you know this won't turn out well. The book is a blast - the kind of compact, wild novella that you can burn through in one sitting. It's dark - there are no saints here - but the characters are real, their actions believable, and a great sense of black humor carries the day.

Criminal Economics

Criminal Economics by Eric Beetner (limited uncorrected edition #27/100)

From the frying pan and into the fire. Bo and Slick, two fugitive bank robbers on the run from the law and in search of their stash. Beetner throws everything but the kitchen sink at the pair and they keep on coming. Pure noir pulp that never lets up. The book is only available in paperback (limited run of 100 books), so if you are interested, kick Beetner a note or find him at Bouchercon.


Slow Burn by Terrence McCauley

New York City, 1932 - the glitz and glam of prohibition is over and NYPD Detective Charlie Doherty is on the case. It had been some time since I'd read a novel set in the prohibition era, and the tension and fast pacing McCauley brings to the table made SLOW BURN a very pleasant surprise. Fascinating characters (Doherty's parallel with the rise and fall of Prohibition/Tammany Hall), New York corruption and Tammany Hall influence, the detective's interviews - the little details in the novel really set it apart for me. McCauley's excellent prose will keep you glued to the page. For crime fans, especially those of historical mysteries, SLOW BURN is for you. Looking forward to reading his other novel, PROHIBITION.

Until next time...

See you at Bouchercon 2013 in Albany, NY!



RELOADED BOTH BARRELS Vol 2 is out and boy is she a beaut! Available in both paperback and e-book, but with gorgeous front/back cover art from the talented Joe DellaGatta, this is a book you'll want to have on your shelf. RELOADED was a blast to work on, and I hope you all enjoy it. Hats off to fellow editors Ron Earl Phillips and Jen Conley, and a HUGE thank you to all the contributors.

SHOTGUN HONEY, the premier crime and noir flash fiction website, is locked and RELOADED with 25 new stories by some of the best authors in the world. Featuring work from Patti Abbott, Hector Acosta, Erik Arneson, Cheri Ause, Trey R. Barker, Eric Beetner, Terence Butler, Joe Clifford, Garnett Elliott, Rob W. Hart, Andy Henion, John Kenyon, Nick Kolakowski, Ed Kurtz, Frank Larnerd, Chris Leek, Mike Loniewski, Bracken MacLeod, Julia Madeleine, Brian Panowich, Terry Rietta, Rie Sheridan Rose, Ryan Sayles, Richard Thomas and John Weagly.

Available through Amazon.

Kwik Krimes

Kwik Krimes KWIK KRIMES edited by Otto Penzler drops this week, containing 81 short crime stories by some of the best writers in the field - both new and established. Featuring five stories originally published in Shotgun Honey (Erik Arneson, R. Thomas Brown, Matthew C. Funk, Jim Spry, Jim Wilsky) and other fantastic works from Shotgun Honey alum such as Patti Abbott, K.A. Laity, Joe Clifford, Tom Pitts, Eric Beetner, Dana C. Kabel and more.

Add in the likes of Christa Faust, Ken Bruen, Reed Farrel Coleman, Jim Fusilli, Chuck Hogan, Joe R. Lansdale, Lyndsay Faye, Andrew Klavan, Tasha Alexander and David Corbett, and you've got a must read collection.

Let's keep this series rollin'!