Wrestletown is Go!

Wrestletown is go! Temp Cover

Officially announcing the launch of my debut novel, WRESTLETOWN, on Inkshares! WRESTLETOWN is an illustrated novel featuring cover and 10-15 illustrations by the incredible Andrew MacLean (Head Lopper, Image Comics).

Inkshares is a publisher that functions similar to Kickstarter (crowdfunded) except it is by copy and not dollar amount (therefore pursuing a goal of reaching readers and avoiding vanity press issues, etc). My local bookshop, Papercuts J.P., published their debut anthology with them, and I've been very impressed with the quality of books I've seen them put out. Wrestletown is a success at 250 copies (POD) pre-ordered, upgrading to an offset printing at 750 copies. Inkshares provides editing, marketing and distribution (functioning like any other publisher). The campaign runs through October 30th, with publication in 2017.

You can read the first five chapters of WRESTLETOWN on Inkshares, and each week I'll be sending out updates to backers on inspiration and story. An official cover reveal is set for late July/early August with interior illustrations to follow.

I hope you'll give the book a shot and consider supporting the campaign. WRESTLETOWN is my favorite work to date and the most fun I've had writing.

Let's kick this pig!


Going to New York Comic Con?

Going to New York Comic Con? Here are a few tables you should hit! SHP-BFTS-banner-851x315

My man Errick Nunnally will be hanging around the Spencer Hill Press booth (#1058) on Saturday. His kick ass debut, BLOOD FOR THE SUN, comes out next March. Meet the man behind what is sure to be a long running series and grab a bookmark while you're at it.


Ricardo Lopez Ortiz - the man, the myth, the legend - and a hell of an artist. I had the fortune of meeting Ricardo at Boston Comic Con this year and enjoyed his artwork so much that I've hired him to bring my comic, EXPATRIATE, to life. While the project is a WIP, Ricardo will have the script for the first issue and a few sketches on hand. Stop by (#AA2) for a look, a chat and save some monies for an illustration - his work is killer (I've got a Judge Dredd commission on my shelf to prove it!)


John Dixon is having the most exciting week of his life. (It's true, he said so.) But seriously, John is doing some incredible work and I couldn't be happier for him. On Friday he'll be signing at the Simon & Schuster booth (#1828) and giving out ARCs of his debut novel, PHOENIX ISLAND, the basis for the upcoming CBS television series INTELLIGENCE, starring Josh Holloway, Marg Helgenberger, and Meghan Ory.

Just make sure you say no if he offers you hot peppers.


I've met Andrew MacLean at Boston Comic Con for a few years now. He formed Brand New Nostalgia (where I found some of my favorite artists) and is Kickstarting the second issue of his terrific comic, HEAD LOPPER. Stop by (#DD5) and check out the first issue as well as some of his other projects.

Boston ComicCon!

Better late than never... I've been out of town since Boston ComicCon and I am just getting all of my thoughts together.  The level of talent in attendance this year was incredible.  I had a blast.  It was packed, but a good percentage of fans were there for cosplay and to shop, so there was plenty of time/space to chat with artists/writers one on one.

The Highlight Rundown

BRAND NEW NOSTALGIA - 3 BNN members were in attendance.  Joe Dellagatta, who I first met last year at Boston ComicCon and who did an awesome commission for my business card (hope to get him on another piece for me soon.) Andrew Maclean has a new comic through a successful kickstarter out called MEATSPACE. Definitely check out the first issue here. Logan Faerber is also an amazing talent and fellow Bostonian.  All three are great guys and I had a fun time talking with them.  Make sure to check out their work as well as the other members of BNN!

Paolo Rivera - currently on a SICK Daredevil run.  I picked up a signed print of the art from the cover of Daredevil #1.

Ben Templesmith - one of my favorite artists.  I talked to him awhile about his upcoming work (new Batman artist!) and then I threw down and asked him for a commission. I got this fantastic piece.

Sean Gordon Murphy - Sean Gordon Murphy is a badass.  His run on American Vampire was amazing and he is following it up with his creator-owned project, PUNK ROCK JESUS.

Kevin Church/ TJ Kirsch - These two guys have a great thing going over at Agreeable Comics.  I bumped into their table and remembered seeing their comic SHE DIED IN TERREBONNE on a list of top noir comics. I picked up the first edition trade and I am very impressed - awesome story and the production is solid.  You can read it for free here but I also highly recommend you pick up a copy.

Eric Canete - Last but certainly not least, I picked up CHOCOLATE, one of Eric's art books.  Eric is an amazing artist and I was blown away by his work (almost enough to pick up his $100 art book if the wife wouldn't have killed me!)

Those were my highlights.  There were so many excellent creators in attendance and I know I missed a lot (probably even forgetting to add some that I did meet).  But it was a great con and I can't wait to attend next year.