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One of the most exciting additions to Jamaica Plain in the last year has been Papercuts J.P.

Not only have they won recognition from the Boston Globe Magazine as Best of the New, from the Improper Bostonian as the Best Book Nook, and hosted a fantastic selection of authors, both local and from across the country - they've also been incredibly supportive of my writing. (See you in November!)

What better way to kick off a one year anniversary than with an exclusive collection?

WHAT HAPPENED HERE: Year One at Papercuts J.P.

Papercuts J.P is using Inkshares to publish an exclusive 300+ page collection of new and collected works from the authors that supported the store during its first year. I'm excited to be contributing a story in support of such a wonderful store - one that gave a serious booster shot to both my reading and writing. The story ties to a new piece I wrote for SAFE INSIDE THE VIOLENCE (more on that later...) so it's safe to say if you are a fan of my previous work, you'll definitely want to consider pre-ordering a copy - not to mention for heavy-hitters including Abigail Thomas, author of A THREE DOG LIFE, and Chris Hedges, New York Times bestselling author of WAGES OF REBELLION.

Speaking of pre-orders - if you click the link above you'll see that the way Inkshares operates is by pre-order:

What this means, simply, is that this book will only be published if we can collect 1000 preorders of our book. We believe we can do this with your help! We have identified a strategic plan to get buzz building around our project and know this can happen if we work together, from the ground up. Publishing through Inkshares allows readers (you!) to decide what gets published—not editors or agents. We need your help to make this happen and we will do our damnedest not to disappoint.

I hope you give WHAT HAPPENED HERE a shot, and be sure to stop in Papercuts J.P. when next in Boston/Jamaica Plain!


Protectors 2: Heroes

PROTECTORS 2: HEROES is now available for pre-order. I'm proud to be a part of a project supporting such an essential organization.


I hope you guys check it out!

From editor, Thomas Pluck:

Here’s the full table of contents, from legends to rising stars to emerging writers, all who support PROTECT’s cause, protecting children from all kinds of abuse and exploitation. 100% of the proceeds are donated to Protect’s lobby. If you’re unfamiliar with PROTECT, they are the political lobby of the National Association to Protect Children, whose victories include the Circle of Trust act and the HERO Corps, which hires wounded veterans to assist law enforcement in hunting online predators.

Table of Contents: When!? by Linda Sarah The Questions by Alison Arngrim City Water by Allison Glasgow Black and White and Red All Over by David Morrell Silvia Reyes by P.J. Ward Plan B by Andrew Vachss Gatekeeper by Richard Prosch The Night Watch by Susan Schorn One Night in Brownsville by Gary Phillips Silverfish by S.J. Rozan Parental Guidance by Scott Adlerberg Superhero, With Crooked Nails by Rachael Acks Angel by Terrence McCauley Mr. Nance by Linda Rodriguez Something I Said by Bracken MacLeod El Puente by Rios de la Luz Mesquite by Graham Wynd Level 5 by C.R. Jahn On the Road to La Grange by Karina Cooper Reprisals: Enmity by John A. Curley The Whistler in the Graveyard by Chad Eagleton (illustration by Dyer Wilk) Solar Highway by S.A. Solomon Jibber Jabber by Reed Farrel Coleman Doll: A Poem by Jyl Anais Ion (illustrations by Jyl Anais Ion) Doggone Justice by Joe R. Lansdale The Occurrence of the Black Mirror by Teel James Glenn Sister Cecilia by Hilary Davidson Croatoan by Harlan Ellison® Little Howl on the Prairie by Thomas Pluck Things Held Dear by Neliza Drew 49 Foot Woman Straps It On by Laird Barron Moon Over the Midwest by Elizabeth Amber Love Sixth Floor by Albert Tucher Adamsville by Clare Toohey Point of View by Will Graham High Meadow Storm by Wayne Dundee Out of Context by Joelle Charbonneau Lone by Alex Segura (illustrations by Dennis Calero) Love and Valour on ‘the Victorian Titanic’ by Gill Hoffs Just Pretend by Martyn Waites Freak by Charles de Lint The New Heroes of the Old Fairgrounds by K.L. Pereira When the Hammer Comes Down by Josh Stallings Stretching Fifteen by Angel Luis Colón Bounty by Jerry Bloomfield Light-Bringer by Laura K. Curtis Hercules and the Spawn of the Titans by Michael A. Black How to Paint Your Dragon by Andrew D’Apice Don’t Fear the Ripper by Holly West Two Views by Tim Daly A Hundred Pearls by Errick Nunnally Snapshots by Christopher Irvin Deceit by Joyce Carol Oates The Perfect Weapon by Zak Mucha An Open Letter to the Children of the Secret by Dionysios Dionou Behavior is Truth by Gwyndyn T. Alexander Pigeons for Protect! by Linda Sarah

BURN CARDS Goodreads Giveaway

280 Steps is kicking off March with a Goodreads Giveaway for BURN CARDS

BurnCards_books**Hot off the Press**


Mirna Fowler believes she has been cheated in life, growing up in a broken home alone with a drunken and gambling-addicted father. Now she works at a small hair salon in Reno, doing her best to survive while she saves money for school. Hoping to get a degree that will take her places.

But in the wake of her father's death, Mirna inherits his extravagant debt, an amount of money she can never repay. As her fractured world begins to crumble, the search for the truth sets her on a path where life hangs on her every move.

Advance Praise for BURN CARDS:

“With a character you care about and a momentum you can't avoid, BURN CARDS is aces. This fast-moving novella pulses with enough energy to power all the casinos in Nevada.” - Steve Weddle, author of Country Hardball

"the shit-kicking streets of a dead end desert town have never been meaner." — Joe Clifford, author of Lamentation

"This bare-knuckle noir pulses with energy and punches hard." — William Boyle, author of Gravesend

"Irvin illuminates the city of Reno itself, casting the flickering glow of his sharp observations into every dark corner of the city and bringing forth a rogue’s gallery of gamblers, dreamers, and burnouts who are all heading for the same bitter end." — John Mantooth, author of The Year of the Storm

Feeling lucky but still want to pre-order? GOT YOU COVERED

Stay tuned for information on upcoming events & thanks for your support!

Friday Listen - CRIMINAL WORDS

Sure, you've got your Friday Read, but how 'bout a Friday Listen?

criminalwords4Enter Erik Arneson and Scott Detrow with CRIMINAL WORDS, an audiobook full of crime fiction short stories — written by the likes of Joe Clifford, Jen Conley, David Cranmer (writing as Edward A. Grainger), Chris Holm, Erik Arneson, Tom Pitts, Steve Weddle, and me [woo!].

Download away [for free!] HERE. You've earned it.

Plots with Guns - "Napoleon of the North End"

pwgstoryheaders_0016_layer comp 17Plots with Guns is back! Your one stop shop for a weekend full of free reads has put together a monster of a (maybe?) final issue. I'm excited to have my story "Napoleon of the North End" featured alongside work from the likes of Dennis Tafoya, Court Merrigan, and more.

I've been meaning to feature Boston in more of my writing and The North End worked out great with this story. It came together in the last minute and was a lot of fun to write. Thanks again to Anthony Neil Smith, Sean O'Kane, Erik Lundy, and Gonzalo Baeza for publishing my work.

Give 'em some love and check out the full issue HERE.


All Due Respect #4

ADR #4 V3In need of a solid read for the weekend? Check out a brand-spanking new issue of ALL DUE RESPECT, featuring my story, "Blind Spot."

"Blind Spot" was a lot of fun to write (and read at Anthocon last year). I'm thrilled to have it appear alongside some serious talent this month.

Check it out!

From Amazon: All Due Respect is back with award-winning featured author Hilary Davidson, with hard-hitting crime fiction from Christopher Irvin, Michael Pool, William E. Wallace, Stephen D. Rogers, Michael Cebula, Joe Clifford, Travis Richardson, and CT McNeely. Plus an interview with One Eye Press Publisher Ron Earl Phillips and loads of reviews.

New fiction - Late Term Ejection

SpinetinglerLogo1 I'm proud to have a new short story, "Late Term Ejection," in Spinetingler Magazine this week. It's on the Sci-Fi/Horror side of things, and a bit different than 'my usual stuff' (if I have such a thing...). I've been toying with the idea of turning aspects of the story into a longer work or comic for a while now. I hope you guys dig it!

You can read "Late Term Ejection" online (for a low price of free) HERE.


Keep the Devil Down the Hole

keep_the_devil_1"Keep the Devil Down the Hole," originally published in Dreadworks Journal, is now available to read on Wattpad.

Dreadworks Journal (2012) was a fun little project with writing Mad Dogs Errick Nunnally, Bracken MacLeod, and Javed Jahangir. My good buddy, Joe DellaGatta, did the interior illustrations featured in the book. Check out Joe's deviantart for more of his fantastic work.


Arrest Us! "Snapshots"

Arrest Us!

Despite swearing off the short stuff... I bit the bullet this week, set the WIP novel aside and wrote a new story, "Snapshots," for LitReactor/Thuglit's crime writing challenge, Arrest Us!

As part of the challenge, "Snapshots" is free to read, and if you are feeling good, you can give it a thumbs up and leave a comment. The stories that get the most love will be in the running for a slot in an upcoming issue of Thuglit.

So what are you waiting for? Read early and read often. And there are still a few more days (deadline 7/1) if you'd like to get a story in the mix as well.

Belly Poachin'

Mycena_haematopus_56359 Originally published in Tropus Magazine #1, "Belly Poachin'" is the second story I've set in the 'Underbelly' world. Fans of "Charred Kraken with Plum Butter" (Weird Noir & Crime City Central) should get a kick out of it.

Belly Poachin'

by Christopher Irvin

The foul air inside the shack tasted of unwashed bed clams. So thick was the scent that Mudge felt like he could grab handfuls and stuff his pockets for a later snack. Pinching his nose, he watched river foam swirl through holes in the floor boards, waiting for the rotten wood to give way and drop him into the brine. It was a fear only the itch could overcome, and the itch was strong.

Continued on Wattpad...

Crime City Central No 99 - "Charred Kraken with Plum Butter"


When it rains, it pours...in your ears!

Last week my short story, "Vacation Package," was featured in Episode 5 of Erik Arneson's Title 18: Word Crimes Podcast.

This week my short story, "Charred Kraken with Plum Butter," originally published in WEIRD NOIR, is featured in Episode 99 of Crime City Central. CCC is an excellent podcast and Nathan Lowell did a really great job with the reading - I'd forgotten what a fun story 'Charred Kraken' was to write, and how much I want to spend more time in that world some day.

Head on over and give it a listen - or better yet, subscribe on iTunes and check out more from greats such as Dave Zeltserman, Allan Guthrie, Paul Brazill, Matthew C Funk, Nick Mamatas, and more.

Title 18: Word Crimes Podcast - "Vacation Package"


Stoked to have my short story, "Vacation Package," originally published by Out of the Gutter Online's Flash Fiction Offensive, featured in the latest episode of Title 18: Word Crimes Podcast.

A big thank you to Erik Arneson for taking the story, and to Scott Detrow for a fantastic reading.

Check out the podcast HERE, or subscribe on iTunes (as I do) or Stitcher. They've already got some great episodes with more on the way.

Needle Magazine - Spring 2014


The latest issue of NEEDLE: A Magazine of Noir is now available. Featuring crime fiction from some of the best -- Heath Lowrance, Rob W. Hart, Patti Abbott, Taylor Brown, Jen Conley, Stephen D. Rogers, Court Merrigan, Sandra Seamans, Trent England, Christopher Irvin, William Boyle, William Dylan Powell, and Tom Joyce. Cover art by Scott Morse.

My story, "Union Man," is my favorite story that I've written. It's a story I wrote when my son was around ten months old - a story I'm not sure I could have written without the experience of being a father. I had the chance to read a short snippet last November at the Noir at the Bar 'panel' at Bouchercon.

I hope you'll pick up a copy - not only for my story, but for the powerhouse lineup featured in this issue. It's guaranteed to be a knock out.

NEEDLE: A Magazine of Noir - Spring 2014 (LuLu Marketplace)

Federales now available for pre-order


Federales is now available for pre-order!

Praise for Federales...

"Christopher Irvin's FEDERALES is an absolute gut-punch of a novella. The story of one man s search for redemption and justice within a Mexican system that has long-forgotten the meaning of either will haunt you long after the last page is turned." --Todd Robinson, author of The Hard Bounce

"FEDERALES is a sweaty, feverish sojourn into a fetid limb of the Mexican drug war, where sentiment, principles and fellow feeling have no place. Christopher Irvin's read will carry you swiftly through to the fitting end." --Sam Hawken, author of The Dead Women of Juárez

"In his debut novella, Christopher Irvin deftly captures the frustration and futility of the Mexican Drug War. Part character study, part thriller, FEDERALES reads as a brutally human parable that tells a story that is sadly all too real." --Johnny Shaw, Anthony Award winning author of The Big Maria & Dove Season

Crime Factory Issue 15

CF15-COVER-240x300All stitched up and kicking 2014 off in style. I'm proud to have my short story, "Bitter Work," featured in the latest issue of Crime Factory. It's a bit of an old-school noir tale about a middle man who has to step in and get his hands dirty when a situation goes south.

I've been a big fan of the publication since I discovered it with Issue 10. Each issue has a great mix of true crime nonfiction, fiction, interviews and reviews - and for over 200 pages, a $1.99 e-book is a steal. Need to wrap those fingers around some paper? You can purchase it in a new print edition as well, hot off the presses.

Stay tuned for more exciting releases over the next couple of months as we get closer to March and the release of FEDERALES.

Winter Animals: Stories to Benefit PROTECT.ORG

Winter Animals Winter Animals: Stories to Benefit PROTECT.ORG is out and available for purchase on Amazon.

WINTER ANIMALS bark less and bite more!

This chapbook anthology collects four stories from the members of The Boston Mad Dogs writing group meant to give you a little extra chill this winter and bring a touch of warmth to others left out in the cold. Christopher Irvin, Errick Nunnally, KL Pereira, and Bracken MacLeod have crafted tales of December creatures in styles ranging from noir, fantasy, magical realism, and crime thriller, all for a single cause. 100% of the author proceeds from the sale of this chapbook will be donated to PROTECT.ORG, to support the mission of lobbying for effective legislation to protect children from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

Featuring cover art by Joe DellaGatta and a Foreword by Thomas Pluck, author of Blade of Dishonor.

Help PROTECT.ORG fight and WIN for kids who need it and treat yourself to four stories with bite from a pack of Mad Dogs!

A HUGE thank you to those involved with the project - Errick Nunnally, KL Pereira, Bracken MacLeod, Joe DellaGatta, Thomas Pluck, and Ron Earl Phillips - as well as you readers who have supported us over the past month.

Please check out the e-book on Amazon and help support PROTECT.ORG.

Winter Animals: Round #4

Winter Animals Today, Bracken MacLeod brings WINTER ANIMALS home with his wonderful story, "Can I Whisper It?"

Drop over to his blog for the story and to learn a little more about PROTECT and why we choose to support their mission.

And stay tuned for the full e-book release of Winter Animals: Stories to Benefit PROTECT on December 30th.

Until then - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and thanks so much for your support over the past month!