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BradyNothing like a Patriots trip to the Super Bowl to kick start the ol' blog. (Yes, it's true I'm a Bears' fan, but until they move past Cutler..woof.) At least we could laugh about this guy: rex-grossman-fuck-it-im-going-deep

Annnywho, so I've been working on several projects (some I've shared, some I haven't). It's been a lot of fun, especially the comics, but anxiety inducing as well. Fingers crossed for 2015 to be a big year.

I've also taken a lot more time to read and enjoy the process. Writing is hard enough, especially for those part-timers who squeeze in their time at the keyboard around a full time job and family. Sure, I still aim to write every day and I know it will be a slog, but it's an adventure more than anything else - one that I'm going to enjoy. And probably ramble on here, a lot.

Time to get nostalgic

Whether it's reminiscing while writing KAYFABE about watching wrestling as a kid with my brother, reading/writing comics (more on that some other time), having a two and a half year old developing his own interests, or hell, turning 30, I'm on a huge nostalgia tour...


Brandon Montclare's HUGE comic collection inspired me to pull out my Punisher comics and get them bound through his recommendation: Herring & Robinson. H&R is awesome. I shipped out close to 100 comics, and two months later I have these beauties on my shelf:

photo(8)And at close to $20/book (the 'no frills' package), they are even cheaper than if I had tracked down the trades. Highly recommend Herring & Robinson if you are looking to get some books bound.

Speaking of Brandon Montclare - you all should check out PODCORN, a weekly comics podcast with Brandon and Amy Reeder (Rocket Girl creators), and editor extraordinaire, Chris Robinson. The show is a lot of fun and often presents insightful discussion on the comics industry.

While we're on the topic of podcasts...add John Siuntres' WORD BALLOON to your list. The interviews are long, but well worth your time - so much so that I've thrown in as a patreon supporter for the show.

Round out a top three with iFanboy. It's a great, witty review show that has me reaching for more comics each week.

Back to Fantasy

The-Return-of-NagashI haven't seriously read Sci-fi/Fantasy in years (probably since the last GoT book) but Games Workshop got me with their The End Times series. I played a lot of table top miniatures games - Warhammer, 40k, etc. - in Junior High and High School, but when I got to college a lack of time pushed me into other gaming that didn't require such a commitment. I still kept tabs on the fiction (Games Workshop, especially nowadays, pumps out an insane amount of books) but one of my complaints was the company never moved the needle when it came to pushing the story. Major characters never changed/grew. When an event they ran (Storm of Chaos) didn't turn out as they hoped, they basically paved over it, pretending it didn't happen.

Well, The End Times is awesome, and again, hugely nostalgic as it deals with kills off characters I read about as a kid. Unfortunately it's been a little hit and miss since Josh Reynolds' crushed it out of the park with the first entry, The Return of Nagash, but it's still a lot of fun. I have high hopes for the finish.

Wrestling...I should be back to editing... so I'll just leave you with this video, which I think perfectly captures the magic of the late 1980s/very early 1990s:

More on this tomorrow:


Back to work!