Tonight! #GenreLitChat 8:00PM EDT

Tonight I'll be participating in a #GenreLitChat on Twitter focusing on crime/thriller fiction. Check out the lineup:

More from the moderator, Beverly Bambury... What is #GenreLitChat? It's an occasional Twitter chat with writers on the state of genre, and how their work does--or doesn't--fit. Learn about new books! Ask authors questions! Crack open a beer! Well, I guess that last part's optional, but please feel free.

The date of this thriller and crime Twitter chat is Thursday, May 22nd at 8:00 p.m. EDT / 5:00 p.m. PDT. When you join the chat, you can use this page ( which will focus only on the hashtag, and even automatically insert the hashtag for you if you ask questions or reply. Alternatively, you can follow the hashtag #GenreLitChat right on Twitter, but make sure you use the hashtag or your questions and comments may be missed!

You can send questions the moderator, Beverly Bambury, during the chat (@BeverlyBambury). You are also encouraged to send questions ahead of time to and she'll add the best ones to the list.