MysteryPeople & My Bookish Ways Interviews

Federales_BookPeopleNot one but TWO new interviews popped up this week. Over at My Bookish Ways, I discuss my writing process, short stories, Mexico and editing for Shotgun Honey.

The interview with MysteryPeople digs into the meat of FEDERALES, including the end of the book (beware of some spoilers.) It was a challenging interview that forced me to reflect on the book in ways that I hadn't necessarily focused on in the past (in other words, it was a great interview and I hope readers find some value in it.)

The interviews were a lot of fun and I think both are worth a read for different reasons.

Also, if you're interested in picking up FEDERALES, BookPeople (photographed above) have it in stock. Check out the paperback and help support independent bookstores.