Advance Praise for Federales

federales.v2Excited to be a month out from the release of FEDERALES and thought I would share some early reviews. I am honored to receive such nice words from writers whose work I enjoy and have tremendous respect for. "In his debut novella, Christopher Irvin deftly captures the frustration and futility of the Mexican Drug War. Part character study, part thriller, FEDERALES reads as a brutally human parable that tells a story that is sadly all too real." -- Johnny Shaw, Anthony Award winning author of Big Maria and Dove Season

"FEDERALES is stripped lean as a body dropped in the desert, as unrelenting as the sun that beats down on it. In here, there's no concern for what's right or what's moral, only what's inevitable."-- Nik Korpon, author of Stay God, Sweet Angel

"Christopher Irvin's FEDERALES is an absolute gut-punch of a novella. The story of one man s search for redemption and justice within a Mexican system that has long-forgotten the meaning of either will haunt you long after the last page is turned."-- Todd Robinson, author of The Hard Bounce

"FEDERALES is a sweaty, feverish sojourn into a fetid limb of the Mexican drug war, where sentiment, principles and fellow feeling have no place. Christopher Irvin's read will carry you swiftly through to the fitting end."-- Sam Hawken, author of The Dead Women of Juárez

“Chris Irvin displays a rare gift for creating atmosphere in this slow burn noir thriller. Federales is sneaky good. A few pages in and you’re hooked. A few more and you can’t breathe. Essential reading from an outstanding new talent.”-- John Mantooth, author of The Year of the Storm  and Shoebox Train Wreck

“Sleek and fast as a bullet, FEDERALES brings the seamy and deadly Mexican underworld to life—and signals the arrival of a major new talent.“-- Nate Kenyon, award-winning author of Day One

FEDERALES drops on March 4th, 2014. Pre-order now available for paperback. E-book forthcoming.