Maria Santos Gorrostieta

Maria Santos GorrostietaThis week marks the one year anniversary of the kidnapping and murder of Maria Santos Gorrostieta. The former mayor of a small town in western Mexico, Gorrostieta was kidnapped in broad daylight in front of her daughter, tortured and murdered, her body found three days later by the side of a road.

An outspoken politician against the ever-increasing violence of the drug cartels, Gorrostieta had survived two assassination attempts - the first of which took the life of her husband and the second left her badly wounded. But, she continued to speak out and fight for truth and justice.

The terribly tragic events surrounding Gorrostieta's death serve as the inspiration for my debut novella, FEDERALES. While I don't believe I could ever do her story justice, and though FEDERALES is a work of fiction, I do hope it brings some attention to the never-ending struggle that is mostly out of sight, out of mind to us here in the United States.

You can read more about Gorrostieta's story here.