The Moment

That moment when you just knew you had to write. Do you have one? A time and/or place that's burned into your memory, when a little voice told you, I need to write a novel/short story/poem/etc.

I do. I don't remember the exact time or place, but I guess I was maybe seven or eight years old when I first saw the film, BACK TO THE FUTURE.


At the very end Marty returns home and finds that his father is a successful science fiction author. Something about that scene, when George McFly opens the box and shows off his latest book (influenced by Marty's actions in the past) just clicked with me. I needed to write a book one day. Perhaps it was a need to create more than anything else.

I went through some bins of school work at my parent's house last year around the holidays. Found a short story from seventh grade, "For the Love of Money." A crime tale set in 1925.

A car careens around a corner firing bullets at an unseen vehicle...

Frank Castle and Commissioner Gordon make an appearance, no less. There is a car chase, a lot of gunfire. I'd probably be suspended or put on some watch list if I were in school today. But at least it appears the bug stuck with me.

It took me 20 years, a go at short stories, and more than a few false starts before I'd written a novel. The need is still great as ever.

On to the next one.