Tropus Quarterly Magazine - Volume 1, Issue 1 - Noir +


I'm happy to announce I have a new short story in the debut issue of Tropus Quarterly Magazine, a new e-zine from editor Javed Jahangir and Necon ebooks. My story, "Belly Poachin'," about a drug dealer and two hapless clients, takes place in the Underbelly - the world born out of "Charred Kraken with Plum Butter" in Weird Noir (so if you enjoyed the adventures of Miles and Frankie, this should be right up your alley.) Tropus also contains some fantastic interior artwork from my friend, Joe DellaGatta.

The Noir+ issue features new work from Hugo Andaleux, Seth Augenstein, Cecile Corona, Arafat Kazi, Dell Smith and Julie Xlo.

Pick up Tropus Quarterly Magazine at Necon ebooks, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.