ACTION: Pulse Pounding Tale Vol 2

action2 Edited by Matt Hilton. Includes my story Soup Sandwich.


Introduction by Matt Hilton Dirk Ramm: Unsheathed by Matt Hilton Sins of Omission by Ian Graham See Saw by James Oliver Hilton Uninvited Guests by Rod Glenn The Missionary by Paul D Brazill Hard Wood by Tyson Adams Black Tuesday by Alex Shaw .50 Contingency Plan by Jochem Vandersteen Cold Redemption By Les Morris Kokoro by Andrew Scorah Get Cutter! By James Hopwood Jardine Rides Again by Ian McAdam Jack Be Nimble by Gavin Hunt Exit Wound by Steve Christie As Heroes Fall By Frank Sonderborg Goofy Brings The House Down by Richard Godwin Grand Central: Terminal by Terrence P. McCauley The Fixer by Dean Breckenridge Soup Sandwich by Christopher L. Irvin Pasnuta Means Arena of Death! by Richard Prosch Mududa’s Revenge by Graham Smith 97 Ways To Die In Istanbul by Paul Grzegorzek It’s Noir or Never by Absolutely*Kate Push by Kevin Michaels You Only Die Once by Rhesa Sealy Man About Town by Alan Griffiths Hanoi Heat by Iain Purdie Hammertime by Asher Wismer When The Devil Catches Up by Lee Hughes

Bonus Tale Suited and Booted by Matt Hilton