Bet It All On Black

A couple of weeks ago I was very pleased to announce my short story, "Bet It All On Black," was published in THUGLIT Issue 4. It is the inspiration for my first novel, BOTTLED, and one that I'd been toying with for some time. In fact, at one point I was planning to self-publish the tale in a magazine of sorts. But due to harassment from some of my best writing buds, I held onto it and after a few tweaks, received a nice little note from Big Daddy Thug. As part of the magazine process, I commissioned Joe DellaGatta for two pieces of artwork. Joe's a fantastic artist and he nailed the illustrations for the story. I've been holding on to the art for awhile, but I figured...why not share the love?

Check it out below, share them around - and most importantly (if you haven't already done so) - go grab THUGLIT Issue 4! (ebook / Print)

Bet It All On Black

Bet It All On Black 2


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