REVIEW: Recovery by Adam Aresty

Recovery A novella-length story of psychological terror set at a remote drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, RECOVERY is a story about one man's battle against demons inside and out. If you enjoy tales like The Shining, The Thing, or Jacob's Ladder, then RECOVERY is for you.

If you are buried under four-foot snow drifts this weekend like I am, then I've got the perfect book for you. Published just last month (Jan '13) Adam Aresty's RECOVERY is Kraken Press' first release in a planned line of E-PUB and POD books (the next being STARING INTO THE ABYSS by Richard Thomas.) I'm very happy to report they are off to a great start.

I stumbled onto Kraken Press last year when searching for publications to submit short stories and was immediately taken by the art direction (created by none other than the owner of Kraken Press, George Cotronis). Needless to say, I was ready to purchase RECOVERY solely based on the cover.

I loved RECOVERY - it's fresh, engaging and packed with wonderfully-creepy images. After a bit of setup, the pacing is lightning fast and Aresty's style kept me turning the page at a high speed that I rarely reach. I think this is in part because of Aresty's background as a screen writer (per Kraken Press, Adam won first place in the Screamfest Film Festival’s writing competition for his screenplay THE PALACE, about a haunted palace in Iraq.  In 2011, his original pilot, UNCIVILIZED, a cop show set in post-apocalyptic Texas, took first place in the Slamdance Film Festival’s writing competition.) The novella feels very tight, like a screenplay, in that Aresty is moving the reader along with quick cuts between scenes and only lifting the curtain on what you need to know. It's the perfect length for the story Aresty wanted to tell and I highly recommend it to fans of dark, horror and thriller fiction/movies.

It's difficult to review the novella without spoiling a great read. The book is ~40 pages and most will finish the ride in an hour or two, so if you enjoyed the official blurb above, I recommend you stop there and boot up your kindle. At $2.99 it's a steal - sure, a lot of writers sell their work for $.99 or (sigh) free, but I for one fall in the camp that you should sell your work for what's its worth and if people like it they will make the purchase. I'll happily throw down $2.99 for another Kraken Press E-PUB.

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