Let's Kick this Pig!

Kickstarter is a fantastic site that allows creators to crowd-source funds for creative projects (books, games, music, photography, and more.)

I found stumbled onto Kickstarter via MEAT SPACE on BNN a few months ago and I'm hooked.  There is some amazing talent and it feels great to be able to support such creativity.

The Kickstarter Projects I'm backing:

Reincar(NATE) -  Reincar(NATE) is a 102-page, full-color graphic novel that tells the story of Nate McCoy, a well-meaning, down on his luck P.I. who has a special ability--he can see and interact with past versions of himself. The people he reincarnated from. With the help of Jameson (a Wild West lawman) and Alan (a 1960s-era hitman), Nate works to solve his latest case, one that digs straight to the heart of the city's criminal underworld.

The first project that I backed, Reincar(NATE) sold me with the video they created - very cool, stylized noir.  Helped that I had just read several noir comics at the time!  It was successfully funded on 05/04/2012.

Sullivan's SluggersLong past their former glory, the minor league Sluggers get an invitation to play a baseball game in a cursed small town. After the 7th inning stretch, the sun goes down, and the dysfunctional teammates find themselves fighting for their lives against a town of flesh-eating monsters!

Now, it's up to coach Casey Sullivan to help his team escape from being the next dish in the town's terrifying feeding frenzy!

Eisner & Harvey Award-winning graphic novel author Mark Andrew Smith joins forces with Eisner nominated illustrator James Stokoe for a gripping roller coaster of a graphic novel, packed with shocks, gore, and screamingly outrageous humor, when America's Favorite Past Time becomes one team's ultimate nightmare!

As of this post, Sullivan's Sluggers has 4 days to go and already has CRUSHED their initial goal of $6,000 (currently at over $69,000.)  Smith and Stokoe are extremely passionate about the project and have added new rewards every week for each fundraising milestone.  Again, the video for the graphic novel sold me - well produced compared to what I have seen on Kickstarter to date.  Can't wait to get my hands on this beast!

Nightmare Magazine - Nightmare Magazine is a monthly magazine of horror and dark fantasy short fiction which will be published both online and in ebook format.  It is edited by none other than John Joseph Adams and issue one has already lined up Laird Barron, Sarah Langan, Jonathon Maberry and Genevieve Valentine.

Nightmare Magazine was successfully funded on 06/07/2012.

Children of the Revolution - Children of the Revolution is a Vampire the Masquerade Twentieth Anniversary book that tells the stories of noteworthy and notorious kindred of the modern nights.

Growing up, I didn't play many pen and paper RPGs, but I read A LOT of books.  I found settings like Vampire, Werewolf, Hunter and Deadlands to be fascinating.  I've written tens of campaigns (most of which were never played out) but creating these adventures made me realize my passion for writing.  I still enjoy curling up with these tomes for bursts of inspiration and to travel back to the World of Darkness.

Children of the Revolution was successfully funded on 06/10/2012.

What will you help kickstart? I'm already eyeing my next...