Boston ComicCon!

Better late than never... I've been out of town since Boston ComicCon and I am just getting all of my thoughts together.  The level of talent in attendance this year was incredible.  I had a blast.  It was packed, but a good percentage of fans were there for cosplay and to shop, so there was plenty of time/space to chat with artists/writers one on one.

The Highlight Rundown

BRAND NEW NOSTALGIA - 3 BNN members were in attendance.  Joe Dellagatta, who I first met last year at Boston ComicCon and who did an awesome commission for my business card (hope to get him on another piece for me soon.) Andrew Maclean has a new comic through a successful kickstarter out called MEATSPACE. Definitely check out the first issue here. Logan Faerber is also an amazing talent and fellow Bostonian.  All three are great guys and I had a fun time talking with them.  Make sure to check out their work as well as the other members of BNN!

Paolo Rivera - currently on a SICK Daredevil run.  I picked up a signed print of the art from the cover of Daredevil #1.

Ben Templesmith - one of my favorite artists.  I talked to him awhile about his upcoming work (new Batman artist!) and then I threw down and asked him for a commission. I got this fantastic piece.

Sean Gordon Murphy - Sean Gordon Murphy is a badass.  His run on American Vampire was amazing and he is following it up with his creator-owned project, PUNK ROCK JESUS.

Kevin Church/ TJ Kirsch - These two guys have a great thing going over at Agreeable Comics.  I bumped into their table and remembered seeing their comic SHE DIED IN TERREBONNE on a list of top noir comics. I picked up the first edition trade and I am very impressed - awesome story and the production is solid.  You can read it for free here but I also highly recommend you pick up a copy.

Eric Canete - Last but certainly not least, I picked up CHOCOLATE, one of Eric's art books.  Eric is an amazing artist and I was blown away by his work (almost enough to pick up his $100 art book if the wife wouldn't have killed me!)

Those were my highlights.  There were so many excellent creators in attendance and I know I missed a lot (probably even forgetting to add some that I did meet).  But it was a great con and I can't wait to attend next year.