Grub Street - Graphic Novel Basics: How to Write for the Drawn Story

A week ago I had the fortune of taking Graphic Novel Basics, a day long workshop at Grub Street in Boston.  The workshop was taught by Tim Stout and Katherine Roy, a husband and wife duo.  Katherine taught from an artist's perspective and Tim from a writer's perspective. I've taken three multi-week classes and three day long workshops at Grub Street and this ranks up there with the best.

The workshop delved into the rich history of cartoons and the graphic novel before moving onto discuss, in detail, topics such as the three act structure in comics, panel structure and layout, collaboration between artists and writers, how to write for comics and more.  Tim/Katherine provided great examples for each section of the class and we had time to do a few exercises as well.

Tim and Katherine are excellent instructors and I highly recommend the workshop (and hope they can expand to two days in the future.)  I'll be sure to tout Graphic Novel Basics when Grub Street hosts it again.

Click the links above to check out Tim and Katherine's work!